What is the Shimano STEPS W013 Error Code? And how can I fix it?


Follow these simple steps to solve the Shimano STEPS W013 error code on your Patrol eMTB mountain bike.

Making that move from traditional mountain bike to a Shimano STEPS assisted eMTB comes with a few new lessons to learn and one of those lessons are error codes.

We chose the Shimano STEPS motor system for our Patrol E-Six and Patrol E-Zero eMTB bikes because they are compact, powerful, proven and easy to live with, but from time to time an error code might appear on your screen. Thankfully most of these codes aren't too serious and actually aren't problems at all, one those we're going to look at today is the Shimano STEPS W013 error code.

What is Shimano STEPS W013 Error Code

Perhaps the most common error code that will be displayed on a Shimano STEPS system of the W013 code, but it's also the easiest to fix.

Shimano's official line on this code is:

  • W013 – Initialization of torque sensor not completed successfully

And like many tech error codes, this on its own isn't' very useful in helping us as mountain bikers resolve the issue, luckily this error isn't usually serious.

How to fix Shimano STEPS W013 Error Code?

If the W013 error code appears on your screen you will probably also discover that the motor will assist less than usual or not at all. The fix this error try the following.

  1. Switch the STEPS system off by the power button.
  2. With the system powered off, check that your feel is NOT on your pedals. Also, check that nothing else if pressing on the pedals or crankarm. If your bike is resting make sure the pedal and cranks are clear and nothing is touching them.
  3. Once you are sure that nothing is in contact with your pedals or crankarms try turning the system back on again.
  4. This should solve the issue.

If you still see the issue try a 'hard reset'

  • Press the power button for 12 seconds and power on once again.

How To Avoid W013 Error code?

  • To avoid the Shimano STEPS W013 error code follow these steps.
  • Do NOT power the system on while pedaling.
  • Do NOT power the system on if your foot (or anything else) is resting on your pedal or crankarm.
  • Do NOT power the system on if the eMTB is leaning on the chain set.

I tried these steps by I still see the W013 Error Code

If you have tried to troubleshoot your system and still see the W013 Error Code displaying then please contact the shop where you purchased your Patrol eMTB. They will be more than happy to help you resolve the issue.